Nicola retrained as a remedial and sports massage therapist after sustaining a neck injury. She was so fascinated by how the therapist facilitated the body’s recovery in such a short time that she wants to help others in the same way. This journey has led her to discover how trauma is sometimes held in the body, often causing long term chronic issues.

Pursuing this career is a passion rather that a job. Discovering Kinetic Chain Release has allowed her to participate in the first FOTO pilot in the UK. FOTO inc allows her work to be peer reviewed with 11 million other patients. The aim of her practice is to get people out of chronic pain clinics and for people to be able to function pain free, allowing her clients to pursue their hobbies and enjoy everyday life to the max!

Working within a combat gym for 3 and a half years, Nicola works with professional athletes on a regular basis. From week-to-week maintenance to pre-fight event treatment to recovery. Along with Dr Louise McCullough, a study on concussion and the impact of connective tissue treatment on recovery was carried out. Over 75 people from Rugby, Muay Thai and BJJ sport were assessed and treated and then reassessed. They were staggered by the results. Everyone had improved function, ranging from better sleep to less anxiety. They hope to have this research taken up by a University in the near future.

In lockdown 2020 her mother, who has suffered long term depression was alone in Glasgow. Nicola trained in Emotional Freedom Technique, which has had over 100 clinical studies.

This gave her a tool her to help her mother and now facilitates workshops and uses every day in clinic.

Nicola has continued her training in various body work therapies and the use of plant medicines in indigenous cultures.

This has enabled her to offer retreats using breathwork and medicines including Hape and Sananga.

These can be transformational for the people attending, releasing anxiety and even pain.