“I just want to say that Nicola is fantastic. I’m a fairly fit and healthy person but managed to hurt my knee really badly at a circuits class. I couldn’t bend my knee at all really – driving was a nightmare, stairs were a nightmare. Anything that involved bending my knee was off limits.

I visited doctors and went to physio but nothing appeared to help. I was resigning myself that I would never be able to continue doing Muay Thai or events such as Tough Mudder ever again, or least without needing surgery.

One of my coaches had visited Nicola for issues with his shoulder and said the results were insane… I was skeptical but gave it a shot.

I attended the appointment and was made to feel completely at ease – Nicola instantly identified a possible problem with my knee and set to work. At the end of the session she asked me to perform a single squat and see how my range of motion was – I was expecting to only reach a slight bend in my knee before the pain took hold… But nothing came until I was just beyond parallel! Insane improvement! I felt more balanced and happy.

The next day I thought I would try and throw some kicks in my training – I was worried I’d instantly feel extreme pain again… but nothing. Rotating and twisting was fine, I could squat again. I even tried a cheeky few KM run and was fine!

I went to another few more sessions and have gradually been building my range of motion up and getting less and less pain. The results speak for themselves. I would (and have been) recommend anyone with pain goes and speaks with Nicola.”

– David Wood

“I had my first treatment from Nicola on Monday. Over a year ago I had a fall after an op hurting my hip and then hurt my knee gardening a couple of months ago. Before the session I couldn’t walk properly. My knee and hips were painful and had been for a very long time. I struggled to bend down and it was an effort to get upstairs without groaning. Two days later I am finding walking much easier and I can bend down and climb the stairs with ease! Also NO PAIN! Worth giving it a try in my opinion.”

– Rachel May

“I have had on going back, pelvis and shoulder pain for a number of years and have tried many treatments including physio, osteopath, acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu to name but a few! All with some degree of success, however nothing has compared to the first treatment I received from Nicola last week. She some how managed to help me so that I am more flexible than I have been in a long time. Joints that I thought were ok before are now moving much more freely. My pelvis, my main area of concern, although not perfect feels more secure, and I am confident with more help from Nicola will continue to improve. Thank you so much”

– Lynne Bain

“Had a massage and electro acupuncture for the first time last night for my shoulder that I’ve been having problems with for the last four years. I’ve tried heaps of different methods/massages. Nicola knew exactly what to do and has completely loosened up my shoulder/getting rid of the pain. Highly recommend!”

– Sean Cowie