Holistic Therapies

Plant medicine and trauma release.

Retreat days and Private ceremonies available.

Please contact directly for more information.

Using breathwork used by our ancestors to prepare ourselves for a sacred medicine ceremony.

These breath techniques can be used at any time in your life when you need to come back to your centre.

Hape (pronounced Ha-pay) and Sananga originate from indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin.

The tribes use hape in all aspects of life. From rituals to healing ceremonies. Connecting to nature and used alone or with friends. The preparation of Hape is a tobacco base with powered medicinal herbs. Each tribe has their own secret “recipe” and even how they prepare this powerful medicine differs from tribe to tribe. Hape sharpens the mind, clearing any bad energies and provides clearer thinking. It can also detoxify the body, clearing the sinuses and mucus. It is extremely effective for anxiety and even for treating addiction.

Sananga eye drops are a potent medicine know for energetic cleansing and improving vision.  It resets the energetic field and clears long standing anger.