Holistic Therapies

Warm bamboo massage

Solid bamboo sticks are heated, then used to with either light or deep pressure to create a relaxing massage. This may be a full body massage or particular area that has been troublesome. Soothing warmth brings comfort and a relaxing massage but also removes tension and eliminates congestion.

Metatronia Therapy ®

Metaronia connects you to source vibration energy. The energy comes through Archangel Metatron. MT is similar to Reiki but is a more powerful and higher and finer vibration.

Benefits of Metatronia Therapy

-Reduced Pain/Inflammation
-Improved Sleep
-Emotional Freedom and Release
-Self Realisation and Inner Truth
-Chakra/Energy Centres rebalancing
-Accelerated Ascension

Hopi Ear Candles

Treating each ear separately, a linen and wax candle burns gently creating a vacuum. The herbal vapours help to soothe and balance the ear.
A facial massage follows, using pressure points and lymphatic drainage to help release blockages in sinus and ears.

Hopi may help:
Sinus problems
Hay Fever
Excessive Ear Wax
Tension Headaches