Trauma Release Sessions

How is trauma is held in the body?

We experience so much in our lives, and often because we are so over stimulated we do not get the opportunity to process the many negative experiences that happen to us.

Our nervous system when triggers by the fight or flight response, often can’t complete the cycle so the sensations become trapped in the body.

For some who experience trauma, the brain often disconnects from the memory to protect the person from the movie reply of flashbacks. These experiences have to be stored somewhere if unresolved and healed.

This can come in the form of chronic pain, inflammation and repeated tension in areas of the body.

In your session we will move towards resolving the pain in your body and bring freedom to your life.

These sessions are not a replacement for professional talk therapy, however are extremely beneficial alongside or after seeking medical help.

Trauma sessions are 90 or 120mins please contact me directly to arrange appointment.